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Comment Wall for Before Stories:

My Portfolio this semester will likely be made up of a series of prologues to stories we have read for class!

Please let me know what you think, you can access my Portfolio with the link below! 

Please enjoy this super cute puppy. He or she is a Red Lab just in case y'all need one! 


  1. Hey Tricia!

    I just read the first story from your Portfolio! I really appreciate that you chose to write about Scheherazade and how she ended up in her unique situation. Scheherazade's desire to survive her marriage with the Sultan is the source of so many great stories, yet you chose to focus on the woman herself and her origins and I think that was really awesome. Your story-writing was great and Scheherazade internal monologue was great for giving us a taste of her mental state during this stressful situation. You've also made the Sultan into a really interesting character and hinted at a reason for his execution of his many wives. I really wish I could hear more about this! In any case, great job!

    Side note: The story of Scheherazade and the Arabian Nights inspired a symphonic suite by Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov with, in my opinion, one of the most beautiful violin solos ever composed. If you haven't heard it before, I highly recommend listening to it! I'll link the YouTube video below! The entire symphonic suite is pretty long, so you might not listen to the entire thing, but I'll try to link to the violin solo itself. (If I did it right, it should start the video right before the solo.)

  2. Hey Tricia,

    I read both of the stories that you have written so far, and I absolutely loved both of them. They were both very descriptive and that made it easy to imagine what was going on.

    Great layout on your website! I have a few suggestions for you that could make your portfolio even better than it already is. On your home page you can add a quick background or summary of each story so that your reader knows a little bit going in. You wrote about the approach that you took in writing the stories but nothing about the stories themselves.

    On your second story, you could add a picture of the view that they have from the balcony. In the story you mentioned that it was a magnificent view. If you don't add a picture, then possibly describing the view and going more into detail could add more imagery to the story. Also, I loved how in that story you added what Scheherazade was thinking the whole time, so it was cool to be able to see how she felt and what was going through her mind throughout the story.

  3. Hey Tricia,
    I love this idea for your project! Building upon the famous myths and telling the story before the myth seems like a great creative project! You can't really go wrong, since you're making it up anyway, but you also have to take into account how that experience might influence them later in life! So many possibilities!

    I read up through Scheherazade, and I thought that your writing and flow and pacing was all amazing on those stories! However, in Scheherazade, I noticed just a few minor grammatical things! One was a missing 'the' in the sentence "and by time she had joined the Sultan on the balcony..." And the other was a missing period at the end of the sentence "This was business"

    Those are are pretty nit-picky things though, so that should tell you that you did a great job! I especially loved the characterization of Scheherazade as clever and intelligent (and beautiful, but you did a good job of not letting that dominate her personality).
    Great job so far and keep it up Good luck!

  4. Hey Tricia,
    I really enjoy your idea, it was creative. It was a really interesting concept to do before the myths so the reader can gain an insight into how they evolved. I think they are very interesting!

    Overall I really enjoyed your writing style and I believe we write in very similar styles. We both write in detail with great suspense. You do a great job of overviewing the stories and lining them up with the others to make sure they can flow together.

    Something else I like about your stories is how you just make everything so seamless. I also like the overall view of your portfolio. It is very classic and simple.


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