Biography | Who Rescued Whom?

Who Rescued Whom?  The Story of Savannah Mae Corso Personal Photo from July 5, 2018 I exited the SPCA in the middle of nowhere town in Oklahoma with a very squishy, squirmy bundle in my arms.  Big brown eyes peered up at me as we neared the car, and observed my face.  Joe opened the car door for me, and as I climbed in, he uttered a hushed, "Be careful!"
I rolled my eyes dramatically at him.  This wasn't my first time holding a puppy! I'd had dogs my entire life, and he'd never even had one, who did he think he was?
Well... technically he was her brand new owner... And I was just his girlfriend who had commandeered his new puppy.  Pesky details. 
We turned the car on and the 13 pound, 6 week old baby girl in my lap shifted uncomfortably, clearly nervous about her new surroundings.  We waited a moment until she was a bit more settled and then took off.  Straight to the vet for us.  We weren't taking any chances with our newest family member.  It would be noth…

Reading Notes Week 14 | Part A, Lang's European Fairy Tales II

Reading Notes Week 14 | Lang's European Fairy Tales II Picture by WallpaperFlare

Half Chick:I love that this little guy is so ready to go face the world even though his mom doesn't think he can handle it! 
Ooooh he turns out to be kind of a jerk though when he wouldn't help the stream! 

Half Chick (cont.): I get that he's excited to go see the king, but he's being so rude to all these things that need help!
At least he got what was coming to him!

Clever Maria: Why was the King showing up when he had just called their father to the castle? I have to know! Also why is Maria letting her sisters boss her around?  Clever Maria (cont.): I think I'm starting to get it.  Maria just keeps playing tricks on the king. This was super dumb... They literally antagonized each other into what I'm sure is to become a horrible marriage! 
Blue Beard: This story is so good right off the bat! I've definitely heard of it but I've never read it, so I'm happy to! OMG what…

Reading Notes Week 13 | Part A, Nursery Rhymes

Readings Week 13 Part A | Nursery Rhymes Image by Flickr
I've definitely heard some of these before! They're way sadder than I remember though...
Proverbs: My grandmother used to recite the nature one about sleep to me!
See a pin pick it up... That's like our penny one! 
Songs, Part 1: I used to love Little Bo-Peep! I feel like this is more walking down memory lane than reading for a class! 
OMG and London Bridge! It's so different than the one I know!
Songs Part 2: Hot Cross Buns was in every music class I took in elementary school!  Three Blind Mice, too! 
Riddles: Okay... These riddles were ridiculously hard.  At this point I'm not thinking I'll write any stories based upon Nursery Rhymes, but they're super fun to read!  Paradoxes: These have been my favorite so far.  I love the way they roll off the tongue and they're nice and short so I don't have to focus too hard. 
Charms and Lullabies:"MATTHEW, Mark, Luke, and John,
Guard the bed that I …

The Day We Met | A Biography

Saturday, November 4, 2017 Personal Picture from Saturday, April 18, 2020. Our most recent picture! 
It was my 22nd birthday, and, honestly... I was PISSED.  I lived in Texas with my parents, in an absolutely stunning little neighborhood just southwest of Austin proper.  Lake Travis was minutes away, walking.  I held my dream job at Lilly Pulitzer at the Domain.  But I only had 1 friend. Everyone else was in Illinois, Michigan, or off at schools around the country And really, she was a shitty friend.  Libby had always been all. about. Libby.  Which is fine. To each their own... ya know? 
Libby, however, had promised to make my birthday amazing.  We'd go down to Rainey Street and get a bunch of free drinks and party the night away.  Awesome! Right up my alley, this was going to be a perfect birthday.  
Enter Nate.  Libby gets a text from an ex-boyfriend, Nate, about two weeks before my birthday.  Nate has a girlfriend at this time, but *swears* he'll leave her if Libby comes u…

Week 12 Reading Notes | Extra Credit, Faerie Queen - Britomart

Extra Credit Reading Week 12 | Britomart  Photo by NeedPix
How Sir Guyon met a Champion mightier than himself: Is this Prince Arthur as in the Arthur that later becomes super famous?? Ooooh an enchanted spear! This has to be the Faerie Queen! I'm confused though, is Britomart supernatural or is she human? The Princess of South Wales seems like a fairly human place to live... 
How Britomart Fought with Six Knights: Florimell must be a faerie queen. Her aesthetic SCREAMS it. When the woodman comes rushing through I really hope someone is going to save her!! I;m very glad when Prince Arthur and Sir Guyon rush forward to help her.  I also love Britomart, who helped the awesome knight! She's such a badass! 
Britomart in Castle Joyous:  I think this part was a bit boring, but it could be fun to do a narrative of Britomart's thoughts throughout this encounter.
How Britomart Looked into the Magic Mirror: I think this part would be amazing to rewrite!! Briotomart gets so real and so in…

Tech Tip | Embed a Video

Tech Tip
So, I am potentially the least technologically savvy person who has ever existed. It is a struggle to add any extra little thing to any story, project, or post.  To put it in perspective, I still struggle to add  a picture to each post. Yeah... That's  real life.  
BUT, this week I learned how to embed a Youtube video for music in my google site for my project, which you can find HERE.  
IT's actually really easy and not nearly as intimidating as I thought it was going to be! You seriously just have to press the embed button, and make sure your little blinking typer thingy is a good spot on your page. The nyou copy and paste the link to the video into the spot that pops up after clicking on the embed button and hit enter! B
VOILA!!! Embedded Youtube Video! 
I hope this helped y'all as much as it helped me! 

Week 12 Story | The Changelings in Faerie/Evelyn's Fate

Evelyn and the Seelie Court Photo by Pixabay
Evelyn rolled her oversized green eyes as she repositioned the massive basket of flowers on her hip.For thirteen years, she had been bound to the Seelie Queen, and she was still no closer to obtaining her freedom.The binding placed on her at just shy of five years old was set to expire in twelve days on her eighteenth birthday, but she had no clue what she would do at that point.She couldn’t very well go back to Ireland… Time passed differently in the mortal realm and there wasn’t an Irish home in a hundred miles that would let her cross the threshold after she’d spent so long in Faerie. She stepped into the main hallway of the Seelie Queen’s castle and a long, platinum strand blew across her face, tangling in her eyelashes.Ignoring the offending strands, Evelyn continued toward the Hydrangea Room to deliver the flowers for afternoon tea.She had almost reached the large, intricately carved doorway when she heard a yell from the other end of t…